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tree planting bags, shovel, & shipping for $100

  • Workwizer Money Bagz
  • A planter favourite
  • Super efficient & simple design
  • Moldable, shapeable, waterproof pads
  • Very comfortable
  • S, M, & L - Get the size that fits you!

Money-Maker tree planting shovel

  • Workwizer Money-Maker 23" Shovel
  • A planter favourite
  • Super fast & efficient
  • Adjustable handle angel
  • No need to cut down
  • Asymmetric Right kicker

Bags, Shovel, & Shipping In One Low Price

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Ships in February
Config: 3 bag Small: Medium sides, small back, 26"+ waist Meium: Medium sides, small back, 32"+ waist Large: Large sides, medium back, 36"+ waist


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Planting Bags

tree planting bags $89

Workwizer Money Bagz
  • Hand made in Canada.
  • Universal Component System — Easy to upgrade, or lower cost parts replacement.
  • The buckets have a square shape bottom which is better for side loading trees.
  • The square shape holds more trees than the round bottom of other brands.
  • Pads are moldable & shapeable — more comfortable.
  • Pads are waterproof — staying light weight and dry.
  • 3 Distinct set sizes: small, medium, and large. One size cannot fit all. Get the size that fits you!
  • Available strapless.
Config: 3 bag with or without straps Small - $89 [Medium sides, small back, 26"+ waist] Meium - $99 [Medium sides, small back, 32"+ waist] Large - $109 [Large sides, medium back, 36"+ waist]

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Traditional Shovel

Traditional Tree Planting Shovel

Traditional Shovel

This tree planting shovel is a good all-around shovel. The Traditional Blade is good for ambidextrous planters.

This shovel has a one-piece handles and shaft which allows for easier modification of handle angle or handle removal. Just use heat to adjust or remove the handle.

~1.2kg ~ 26" - 34" PRICE: $59

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8.5 Legend Blade

Legendary Tree Planting Blade

8.5" Legend Blade

The 2003 carbon steel blade is a Workwizer Legend. Planters have reported to have used these for 7 years.

Available in two designs — kickerless, and symmetrical one kicker.

This blade is compatible with only the tapered wood shaft.

Weight: ~.9kgBlade: ~8.5"Socket: ~10" / 46cm PRICE: $99 5 year warranty

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10 Asymmetric Left Blade

10 Asymmetric Blade

10" Asymmetric Blade Left Kicker

The asymmetric blade is a Workwizer innovation that results in a better kicker platform for planters that use their kicker lots. The 10" blade is good for larger tree stock.

This blade is compatible with only the tapered wood shaft, or pre 2014 workwizer handle/shafts.

Weight: ~1kgBlade: ~ 10" / 25cm Blade & Socket: ~ 19" / 48cm PRICE: $74
Left $74 Make payments with PayPal!

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